Balagan Sample Sale - Summer Cleaning global edition!

help us carry less to our new, bright future!
Have yourself some super priced samples, previous models & seasonal colours!


- See what's left on our IG account
(this way:

- Let us know what are you into using direct message, 

- Please wait for confirmation and find the guide below.


We do care of the environment at every stage so we would love to resign from extra pollution caused by transport and special packing when it's not necessary  - we hope you'll also agree that's important.

According to that, to all from -

- Warsaw, Poland - please collect your order in our flagship store at Mysia 3,

- Tel Awiw, Israel - please collect your order in our Studio in Neve Tzedek, Kfar Saba,

- Wherever else in the World - we will do our best to delivery your purchase directly. Please add 15 PLN / 20 EUR / 60 NIS.


Your reservation is valid up to 24h counting from the moment you ordered & booked, if you want to keep it actual please pay your order in advance using regular transfer:

- Israel:

105999143 Bank Beinleumi  סניף מספר 012
Ferenc-Hilsden Hanna- Balagan

- Poland & Worldwide:  

Fundacja Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości
Piękna 68
00-672 Warszawa
mBank: PL20114010100000515853002869

title: name + product name

You can also pay your order while collecting it personally in our two main stores:

- Tel Awiw, Neve Tzedek, Kfar Saba 4 - only up till 30th June, Studio works on demand so please make your appointment calling + 972523990483,
- Warszawa, Polska, Dom Handlowy Mysia 3, p.II.

Thank you for your interest in our Sample Sale pieces - when buying samples and previous seasonal colors you help us clean our storage space. When buying theese you support our sustainable production and become a part of an important change in consumers' awareness. Please remember that all samples are not possible to be returned (however in some special circumstances we can agree to set up a exchange).

If you have any further questions, please let us know here, we're here to help!