Maarav belt, sand velvet
$ 79
Available colors:
Maarav belt, black
Maarav belt, brown

Color: desert brown suede

Made of: 100% natural cow leather, vegetable tanned, metal buckle

We love all those real timeless accessories that fit everything with a great style! Our new belt looks exactly like one - with its strong buckle, it will perfectly break the floral, summer dresses and complete a pair of jeans. Sounds like a bull’s eye! New Balagan’s belt with a cowboy buckle is sewn from 100% natural leather and doesn’t contain any seams or glue. It’s cut and ironed from a one, solid piece of leather. It softens when used, ages beautifully and gains true character. 

Data sheet
natural leather
Leather type
velvet / velour / suede
Maarav belt
Carry over

Material: natural cow velour

Buckle type: metal buckle

Buckle color: silver

Length: 105

Width: 2

Buckle width: 4,5

Buckle length: 5,5

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Maarav belt, sand velvet

$ 79

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