Sal Tote Mini Bag, black croco
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Colour: black croco
100% natural vegetable tanned cow leather, cotton canvas lining, bright steel hardware
Dimensions: height 21cm, width: 21cm, depth: 10cm, strap length: 115cm, strap width: 1cm, handle height: 14cm

Mini Sal is our unique, everyday bag! It's enriched and improved by many details. Preserved in a convenient and beloved shopper shape with a functional lining - thanks to which it closes easily and keeps your essentials safe. It has a rectangular, practical shape, which it retains because of the careful sewing and high-quality vegetable-tanned cow leather. Sal has also a stiffened bottom - so despite the softness of the leather, it does not lose its shape and is stable while used.

Except handles, that let the bag works as a fashionable coffer, it has also a detachable strap that allows you to hang the bag over your shoulder. Sal Mini works perfect during everyday walks, shopping or city nights our, as well as during elegant events - especially thanks to its detachable strap.

Please remember that Balagan-Outlet was created to give a second chance to all:

- products, that will be no longer part of our regular collection,

- less popular colors & models from last season,

- full-fledged prototypes, designs and post-exposition items,

- pieces that were used during photo sessions and might have slightly damage marks that are not affecting their usage (e.g. sole or upper scratch etc.).

We decided to lower their prices, mostly including just production costs and taxes, to give you an opportunity to buy your favorites for the last time, in very special prices, and inspire you to give them a second life that they deserve.

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natural leather
Leather type
Sal Tote Mini Bag
Type of bag
Mini Bags
Type of bag
Type of bag
Cross Body Bags
Carry over
Height 21cm, width: 21cm, depth: 10cm, strap length: 115cm, strap width: 1cm, handle height: 14cm

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Sal Tote Mini Bag, black croco

$ 145

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