Eretz Sneakers VEGAN BIO, marsala
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SIZE (EU)363738394041
INSOLE LENGTHINSOLE LENGTH(CM)23,924,525,125,726,326,9
Available colors:
Eretz Sneakers VEGAN BIO, cream OUTLET
Eretz Sneakers VEGAN BIO, bermuda blue
Eretz Sneakers VEGAN BIO, grey OUTLET
Eretz Sneakers VEGAN BIO, navy blue

Summer is about hiking, biking, all of those wanders and adventures - so your shoes must keep up with you! And only few will do it as well as our new Eretz sneakers. Soft and comfortable, light, breathable and nice. What more could you want? Maybe biodegradable and natural materials? We thought about that too!

The Eretz upper is made of certified organic cotton - it allows air to pass through freely and so allows your feet to breathe. On the inside, it has a coconut fiber and cork insole that has antiseptic properties - it also is soft and flexible. On the underside, Eretz has a rubber sole, which is made from a special Lactae Basilensis milk tree and handcrafted in the south of France. We sew them on a strobe, which means that they do not have any insoles and stiffeners under the insole. Find out how flexible they are!

Despite their sporty character, Eretz maintains an unimposing minimalist style. They match both trousers and dresses, and are available in several colors - they will be a good base for many outfits, same good as a very stylish addition to simple stylizations. They are biodegradable and will never be lifelong waste, but as long as they serve you, they require a little care to stay in shape. With you in mind (and so that you can wear them right out of the box!), we impregnated them with a biodegradable silicon-based agent, but remember to repeat this process and clean the dirt regularly. It will be a comfortable summer, don’t hesitate!

Data sheet
Eretz Sneakers
Type of shoes
Upper material
certified organic cotton
Lining material
Insole material
natural coconut fibre-corke insole
Sole material
natural rubber

Upper: certified organic cotton

Lining: cotton

Insole: natural coconut fibre-corke insole

Sole: natural rubber

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Eretz Sneakers VEGAN BIO, marsala

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