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Rofe M, natural

Colour: natural
100% natural vegetable tanned cow leather, bright steel hardware and clasp

Dimensions: height 15cm, width 22cm, depth 10cm
Straps length 155cm , width 1cm

Rofe is a classic clutch bag. The elegant finishing and iconic shape of the purse give it a unique new vintage look. It is available in three basic colors and two sizes - S and M. Thanks to the detachable strap, Rofe can be carried in your hand like a clutch bag. It is also convenient to wear it on a long belt - slunged cross-body, or on a shortened one - on the shoulder or in your hand. 

WAITING LIST Can’t wait to order your own Rofe Pouch? When ordering now, you're joining our waitlist and can be sure we'll book one for you and let you know whenever it's ready! If any further questions appear, reach us out →  shop@balaganstudio.com.

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Rofe M, natural

PLN 399

102 zł
75 zł
222 zł
4 zł
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