Balagan Going Places x Sara & Nadia Szymańskie

Next photographers from Balagan Going Places are identical twins Nadia and Sara Szymańskie. Our products were photographed in their unique home in Łódź. It’s their playground of ideas, a place where they experience intense emotions and find joy in the little things in life. Their models are Marianna, Karolina and Zosia, close friends. They all study at Łódź Film School together. The sisters emphasize, how all the girls are different, but they connect through extreme sensitivity, ambition, power, and more than anything else, enormous fire in the hearts. Discover Balagan in this reality filled with artistic energy.

Sara's and Nadia's Balagan choices are Dora Heels and Leilot Heels

Balagan Going Places x Julia Łuczywo

Meet Julia Łuczywo - another photographer we invited to Balagan Going Places. Julia, who lives in Warsaw recalls, how in this unusual time, when the world stopped for a while, she started noticing her neighbourhood in a new way. In this new reality, the time passed by slowly and her senses sharpened. She got inspired by talking to loved ones, books, people passing by on the street, dogs, music, grocery stores and shapes of clouds, funny animal videos. See the photos Julia took with her beloved Olympus camera, which has been with her for the past 10 years. She loves how, both in an urban and natural environment, various colours, patterns, textures and light complement one another. Discover Balagan in her lens.

Julia's Balagan choices are Leilot Heels, Wide Waistline Belt and Sal Tote Bag 

Balagan Going Places x Magdalena Zielasko

See the Balagan Going Places photoshoot created by Magda Zielasko from Cracow. Look at our products in her favourite locations – extraordinary Czapski Museum, Massolit Bakery and the photographer’s atmospheric flat. The model was her friend Dominika, a student in the Department of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts. Spirituality, intimacy and relationship between the human and nature is what fascinates Magda in photography, and the world in general. You can feel it in her distinctive photos. Discover how Balagan is interpreted through the Cracovian lens.

Magdalena's Balagan choice is Champagne Bucket Bag

Balagan Going Places x Michaela Metesová

Our designs visited diverse, artistic London! Meet the next creator of our remote photoshoot - Michaela Metesová. Student in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. She particularly focuses on personal projects related to mental health awareness in the fashion industry. She wants her art to be a vehicle for change. Her inspiration comes from daily life and in the pictures, she strives for authenticity and intimacy. See her photo story from a walk, when together with her friend Agata, they took our bags and shoes around their neighbourhood in West London.

Michaela's Balagan choice is Isha Bag Black

Balagan Going Places x Piotr Pietrus

Piotr Pietrus is the second photographer, who participated in our Balagan Going Places project. Our products are shown through his daily Berlin lens. Piotr comes from Poland and lives in the German artistic capital. His work examines (amongst others) the intersection between the poetic and political.

In the photoshoot for Balagan he pictures: his partner in life Catherine Evans artist working across photography and installation and Joséphine Demerliac a French video and film maker.

Piotr's Balagan choice for photoshoot is Opera Shoes, Denim Blue 

Balagan Going Places x Melissa Schriek

Melissa Schriek is a photographer based in Amsterdam. Melissa, together with a dancer Uma Vanderpuye, did a photoshoot in Hague, a place which fits the character of our products perfectly. Her main inspiration are the city streets, and movements that happen in front of you when looking very closely. The photos are like a walk through the city, time when we discover new places, with different playful moments and observations happening in front of us. See the effects of this unusual, creative collaboration, which was the answer to the new reality, we recently found ourselves living in; and rediscover our collection.

Melissa's Balagan choice's are  Leilot  Heels, Creme and Thin belt with a coated buckle

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