Cleaning brush
$ 15

Made of: beech wood, horsehair

Natural leather is a raw material that needs proper care, and we know love must be helped sometimes. Our cleaning brush with properly selected bristles will certainly be perfect for this role.

It has a beech wood binding, non-glued and waxed - thanks to this protection, the binding is more durable and does not get dirty so quickly. It is a brush made of horsehair (obtained from a living animal), which, while maintaining the appropriate stiffness, allows you to effectively clean surface dirt from grain leather (both shoes & bags).

Our brushes are handmade and stretched manually – all created in cooperation with the local Occupational Activity Institution to enable activity and professional development for people with disabilities, including the blind and visually impaired - please remember about this when you notice minor aesthetic imperfections on your product (not affecting its functionality). 

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Cleaning brush
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