Comfortable classics

We make modern, pretty, classic, simple everyday shoes. Convenience and functionality are the supreme goals determining our design.
At Balagan we believe in timeless aesthetics, commitment to quality and detail, and classic design.
At Balagan we make products from high-quality, natural leather.

Between Warsaw and Tel Aviv

Balagan goods are designed by friends - Agata and Hanna who live in two cities. Since 2015 we create Balagan in Warsaw and Tel Aviv.
In Balagan we merge the simple elegance of Polish design with the casual, universal look that characterises the Israeli street. Our link is reflected in the name Balagan - a common word between those two seemingly distant cultures.

Inspired by Tel Aviv Bauhaus

Our aesthetic is inspired by modernist style of Tel Aviv known as a Bauhaus White City.

See story: WHITE CITY

Warsaw tradition of craftsmanship

Our production is based in Warsaw area. Traditional craftsmanship done with care and attention is our priority. We produce everything locally - all Balagan goods are produced in Europe - mainly Poland.

We use only fine materials that age well. Our products are made of natural leather that gains beauty with time. For most we use vegetable-tanned leather which means that our production is environmentally friendly.

Find us online

Visit Balagan flagship stores in Warsaw.


Trading House Mysia 3

Mysia st. 3

2nd floor 

Opening hours:

Mon - Sat 10:00-20:00

Sun 12:00-18:00

+48 535 134 311


Dobra st. 42, Warsaw

1st floor

Opening hours:

Mon - Sat 11:00-21:00

Sun 11:00-21:00

+48 531 325 545

Part of Transparent Shopping Collective.

We are part of new, pioneering movement of transparency. Transparency of Price, Transparency of Production and the Social Initiatives Program are three core idea that distinguish Collective's actions in a very practical way.

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Important note!

The minimum order value (without shipping) to the UK is currently £ 135.