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Precious natural materials will accompany you faithfully for a long time - just support them in keeping good shape. Your leather pieces might serve you even better when treated with a proper leather lotion.
The natural waxes contained in caring balm gently nourish the leather and give it shine. The composition of oils will ensure its smoothness and protect against cracking. It also protects pigmentation. Because of the waxes inside, your balm might get compacted and stiff when you’re not using it oftenly. Don’t worry! It will melt quickly in your hands.
Concentration of the balm is its natural property - it works great despite the change in consistency, it will melt with the rest in your hands. Apply the right amount of the cosmetic on a cotton cloth and spread evenly. Remember to only use waxes and lotions on the clean leather surfaces! And don’t forget to polish it after applying the balm. 

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