Suede Care
$ 17
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Ingredients: water, sunower wax, carnauba wax, natural fragrance composition, allergens free

Precious natural materials will accompany you faithfully for a long time - just support them to stay in good shape.
Remember to regularly clean and care for your shoes’ uppers, handbags and accessories - those made of suede and nubuck enjoy brushing the most! Preferably in the company of a biodegradable suede care agent.

Apply it on the surface of the upper with a cotton cloth or brush and spread it evenly. Remove the excess with clean water and then brush off the remains of the agent. Repeat this regularly - always when your pieces get dirty.  The Suede Care agent refreshes and renews the color of the material and helps it age beautifully. It’s based on natural ingredients.

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Suede Care

$ 17

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