Leather care kit
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Set includes: celaning brush, polishing brush, 2 cotton cloths

Made of: Oiled & waxed beech wood, natural horsehair, natural goat beard hair, 100% flannel cotton, 100% paper wrapping, steel metal box.

Dimensions: length 14,3 cm, width 11,9 cm, heigth 5,8 cm

Small but reliable - and contains everything your leather shoes and handbags need to be happy! 

Our care accessory kit includes handcrafted wooden brushes for cleaning and polishing and two cotton cloths. All the brushes are handmade and stretched manually – all created in cooperation with the local Occupational Activity Institution to enable activity and professional development for people with disabilities, including the blind and visually impaired - please remember about this when you notice minor aesthetic imperfections on your product (not affecting its functionality).

The cleaning brush has a waxed, beech frame and hand-framed and trimmed horsehair - it is stiff enough to remove dirt. To wipe clean leather, use a polishing brush, which owes its special care properties to the soft bristles of the goat's beard. And for taking care of delicate leather or hard-to-reach places of small accessories (belts of bags, wallets, small accessories) use a cotton cloth made of 100% flannel cotton. The set of accessories is available in a metal, handy box, so you can easily and conveniently gather them all in one neat place. It is also a good gift idea! Natural leather is a raw material for years and will pay tribute to many seasons - think about it if you want to make someone happy with a purse, wallet or a pair of shoes. They might need leather care kit for sure!

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Leather care kit

$ 35

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